• Ayurvedic Asana: 9 Yoga Poses for Cleansing
    Detox With Betaliv

    The cusp between winter and spring is the ideal time to do an at-home internal cleansing program, to allow your body to release the toxins that may have built up over the long cold winter.A complete ayurvedic cleansing program includes 15 days of preparation and 45 days of actual cleansing.

  • What Makes Kitchari Spice Mix So Delicious?
    Improve Mens Vigor And Vitality With Hinite Caps

    In today’s busy life and lifestyle, men have a shorter life span than women as they are more likely to stop routine checkups and delay taking a healthcare advice for symptoms of a health problem. Researchers have been noticed that cases of mental illness and suicide rates are higher in men than their female counterparts. Thus,understanding and being aware of the important health issues in men is vital.

  • What is Kitchari & Why We Eat It for Cleansing
    Key to a Healthy Immune System is Immukind

    In her book, The Human Advantage, neuroscientist Suzana Herculano- Houzel points to the invention of cooking as the singular advancement that led to humans developing the largest primate brain. “Cooking is essentially the act of using fire to pre-digest food, and thus to get more energy out of the same amount of food,” Herculano-Houzel writes.

  • Why You Will Love CCF Tea
    Refresh With Senfresh Capsules

    Have you ever forgotten your keys? Ever stopped at the store and forget the thing you actually went for? Ever forgotten your grocery list? Got blank on your colleague’s name? forget the birthdates of your friends? Then, you are not alone. Everyone forgets various things occasionally. However, forgetting things on a regular basis may be a symptom of Memory Loss. It is something you cannot take lightly.

  • Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas
    Normalize your piles with pilonorm caps

    Hemorrhoid is commonly known as piles. It is a condition of swollen and inflamed blood vessels in the anus and rectum that cause discomfort and bleeding. The hemorrhoidal veins are located in the lowest part of anus. Sometimes they swell so that the veins become thin and feel irritation. There are two types of Hemorrhoid.

  • 4 Reasons to Love Kapha Dosha
    Effective Factors For Men’s Health with Sem Xt Caps

    Are you low on energy and stamina these days? Not able to cope up with stamina after a long and tiring day? In search of Ayurvedic medicine for strength and stamina? Then you are not alone to suffer from energy and strength problems! These days, men’s health goes on toss as everyone experience various other factors more important to be completed on deadline. However, these tasks may include never-ending deadlines, household chaos, demanding lifestyle etc.

  • A Beginner’s Guide to Spring Cleansing
    Relieve Pain With Oropan

    Bones are the important part of the functioning of the human body as they provide a frame and gives support to the body. They also protect vital organs to help the body work properly. Joints are parts of the body where two bones meet and help you move your body freely with ease. Any damage to the joints due to disease and injury can restrict your movement and cause dangerous pain. Joint health issues are most common yet severe health issues and needs a proper medication and exercises.

  • Coriander: Getting to Know Your Herbal Allies
    Improve Digestion with Ulsorite

    Digestive Health Problems?

    Looking for a herbal and natural solution to promote digestive health?

    The only answer is Ulsorite caps and Syrup The basic reason for the digestive problem is a hectic and demanding lifestyle we all live these days. Owing to the tremendous work pressure, chaotic household work, choosing junk food to eat and much more, the digestive tract does not work properly.

  • Coriander: Getting to Know Your Herbal Allies
    Normalize Tridosha With Betaliv Vata, Pitta, and Kapha

    An Introduction to Three Energetic Forces of Nature

    Looking for a herbal and natural solution to promote digestive health?

    Vata, pitta, and kapha—collectively known as the doshas—are one of the most foundational concepts in the tradition of Ayurveda. But what are they, exactly? In essence, the doshas are energetic forces of nature, functional principles that help us to better understand ourselves, and the world around us.

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