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Normalize your piles with pilonorm caps

Hemorrhoid is commonly known as piles. It is a condition of swollen and inflamed blood vessels in the anus and rectum that cause discomfort and bleeding. The hemorrhoidal veins are located in the lowest part of anus. Sometimes they swell so that the veins become thin and feel irritation. There are two types of Hemorrhoid.

  • Internal Hemorrhoid – It lies far inside the rectum and are invisible to naked eyes. It rarely cause any discomfort but irritation when passing the stool may damage its outer surface and cause it to bleed.
    • External Hemorrhoid – It is present under the skin around your anus and when gets irritated with hard stools, it tends to itch and bleed.

    Heavy bleeding and intolerable pain while passing stool will become nightmare if not treated properly.

Basic Symptoms of Hemorrhoid

Symptoms of Hemorrhoid are very common such as painless bleeding during the bowel movement, irritation, itching , extreme pain, discomfort, swelling around anus, presence of a lump near the anus. As and when you encountered with these symptoms, do not ignore it as it can create adverse effect on the overall wellness.

Cause of Hemorrhoid

It is basically caused due to increased pressure in the lower rectum. This condition happens because of chronic constipation, diarrhea, pregnancy, medication, lifting heavy weights etc. The pressure can also be created due to obesity, longer sitting or standing periods, straining, coughing, sneezing and vomiting. Age factor and having history will make to more prone of having Hemorrhoids.

Traditional Treatment of Hemorrhoid

Increase the amount of fiber in your daily diet, cut down the intake of caffeine and alcohol, keep body hydrated , do not delay in bowel movement, avoid medicines that cause constipation, balance the body weight in right proportion, and give some time to regular exercise. These habits will help reduce pain and irritation

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